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Transitional Bar Saucon Valley, PA

When the homeowners last child left the home, this basement was transformed from a place for the kids to get away to a place for adults to get away.  The homeowner collected the details that went into this home bar from the luxury hotels he stayed at in his business travels.  The translucent onyx countertops, underlit with custom shaped LED panels, were from one inspiration.  The mappa burl veneered center panels of the cabinet doors were from another.  These center panels were framed in “fireside” cherry cabinets and the burl was also used on the circular support columns.  The paneled drink rail, separates the main bar area from the home theatre but also ties the two areas together by using the same materials including another underlit countertop.  The open curved cabinets of the generous horseshoe shaped bar, the mirrored back-bar, and the home tap system are enough to make many high end restaurants jealous.  The bar also flows perfectly into a lounge area with display cabinets.