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West Philadelphia Row Home Kitchen, PA

Because the kitchen of this row home in West Philadelphia was relatively small the homeowner decided to keep many of the cabinetry features very minimal.  Flat slab drawers and simple shaker doors cut down on how many lines the eyes see and keep the room from feeling overly busy.  This is further reinforced by the “farmhouse construction” style of the cabinets which eliminates the rails that would normally be found between the doors and drawers.  The decision was also made to not enclose the refrigerator in cabinetry which made that area of the kitchen less bulky feeling.  Open shelves in lieu of closed cabinets also contribute to making the room feel larger and more open.  This simplicity and minimalism does not imply that the space is not without its interesting details.  The unlacquered brass hardware that will patina with use adds a level of interest as do the square subway tiles with contrasting dark grout lines.  In many places the stiles of the cabinets are extended to the floor to serve as subtle feet.  The slate blue finish of the cabinets contrasts with the hardwood floors.  The unique farmhouse sink adds another detail of note and the blue star range adds a splash of color.